Reviews for "Halo 3: The Movie"

That didn't make sense at all...

Seriously, wtf? Why do they keep saying homerun if there is no baseball game and you only say that word in a baseball game. Also, this has nothing to do with Halo, even though I never played the game. And them saying homerun gets annoying.

i sort of agree with maticus

the video did suck and next time you make a video CUT THE WORD HOMERUN ITS ANNOYING and practice on your animation even though i could never do better.


I think we're gonna have to juuuump!


Friggin hilarious i almost fell off my chair


Dude! that was amazing! XD they spoke like baseball players, and the said something like "homerun" for every sentence on the dialogue..
English's not my first language, so XD I MIGHT be wrong on whatever I'm saying.. XD

I just leave imagination float.. or somtn.. or.. fly.. .... .. .

lol ok. got it...........I'm crazy, I know.

XD "Well.. I guess.. I guess we'll have to Juuump!!" (homerun) or somtn..