Reviews for "J.E.N.O.V.A. - 8bit"

Kinda harsh on the ears

lol, but its aight, good job on ur 8 bit series

newnerdproductionsTM responds:

Is it better now?

Nice one.

I really like this jenova 8bit mix, It's got that quality that FFVII Had in that piece of music, This was a great job well done here.

newnerdproductionsTM responds:


best ive seen

o dude it so awesome to c that some1 likes ff7 enough to do this!. 5/5
i love ff7 myself!
my fav game and i loved the movie!
awesome ide love to c the boss battle theme for ff7 if u can do it!

newnerdproductionsTM responds:

Thanks, but could you use English next time?


x) it's a bite funny, i imagine FF7 in 8bit :p Cloud like Mario in SMB XD ahem...nice, very very nice remix ^^ i like it, really

reminds me of how much i loved that game

final fantasy is my favorite game series and the jenova battles are one of the best of ff7