Reviews for "J.E.N.O.V.A. - 8bit"


x) it's a bite funny, i imagine FF7 in 8bit :p Cloud like Mario in SMB XD ahem...nice, very very nice remix ^^ i like it, really


I think the overall transfer to 8-bit was great... but I feel like this is missing something, as in it doesn't sound full enough. You definitely filled up the space for the melodies really well, I just thought it could be better if it had some sort of drum part or bass part.

Like I said, melody execution is great and retains the epicness of the original, but there's no low. The original song has this really epic bass part (which sounds like cellos or something) and a fairly simple drum part. Other than that, nice job!

newnerdproductionsTM responds:

I tried my best to get as much in as possible, while retaining the 3 or so audio channels that the NES had.

best ive seen

o dude it so awesome to c that some1 likes ff7 enough to do this!. 5/5
i love ff7 myself!
my fav game and i loved the movie!
awesome ide love to c the boss battle theme for ff7 if u can do it!

newnerdproductionsTM responds:

Thanks, but could you use English next time?

Nice one.

I really like this jenova 8bit mix, It's got that quality that FFVII Had in that piece of music, This was a great job well done here.

newnerdproductionsTM responds:


Kinda harsh on the ears

lol, but its aight, good job on ur 8 bit series

newnerdproductionsTM responds:

Is it better now?