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Reviews for "Downside (NAP)"

Nice :)

The pauses kinda let you off, but when it plays it's very spooky and you feel like you're in a dungeon of legendary spirits or something. :) Very, very nice.


song spooked me a bit! I tremble thinking of what kind of creations this piece could be set to!

well done

at first the pauses annoyed me but now i feel like they need to be there to let down some of the tension that is mysteriously built up. Now I'm left with nothing much else to say. Very well done


very serious song sounds like someone is hideing something and doesnt want tobe caugt with it...very misterious good work.

I like this one so much

I love how haunting it is. It makes me think of so many different tense moments all at once. that's my favorite thing about music, is how it can evoke emotions, and give you visuals from a completely different sense altogether. You, my friend, are a master of your craft. The constant stressful buildup to the epic ending give's me shivers.