Reviews for "Ponychamber"

Yes! Spread the Ponyfying virus, spread it to everything. No one can be saved from becoming a pony. No one.
(I seen some bad ponified versions of major characters from shows and VGs, but this one actually looks really good when compared to the original thing)

Mindchamber liked ponies? I never would have imagined

awesome as egoraptor
(get it?egoraptor...awesome...
oh just forget it men!)

Looks epic Osuka

Lol'd xD no sabia que Mindchamber era chinazo... eeen fin, no entiendo a los brownies realmente pero este me dio mucha risa, esta de puta madre!

Osuka responds:

los brownies son geniales, especialmente los que tienen mucho chocolate :3. Pero si te refieres a los Bronies, yo tampoco entiendo esa vaina jajaja. MC no es chinazo aunque no entiendo porque hay muchos hombre que le gustan los ponies