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Reviews for "LL - Ddevil"

Excellent :D

Damn - that movie was excellent, normally when i watch lock or clock legion stuff i don't expect too much (often i am surprised) but this one blew me away :)

The animation was very smooth and the art was excellent, as well as the good use of System of a Down - synchronised perfectly with the movie.

Oh and i did notice the subliminal vote 5 ;)

Coffee-lock responds:

Thank you!
I'm glad you enjoyed it and also glad you picked up on one of many subliminal messages in there. :D
Thanks for the review.


Yeah, that looked nice. Comes good with music. Though i didn't listen SOAD since "Toxicity", i like them. 5/5.

Coffee-lock responds:


best lock vid ever!

holy crap that made up for all the crappy clock and lock vids..

Coffee-lock responds:

Yeah boy. :D

It´s was good, but

It´s was very, very good, but there was to much violence...
But super good animtion!!!


This is one of the few Lock Legion movies that I think are good.