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Reviews for "LL - Ddevil"

*sniff**sniff* You know what I smell? S@$# !!!!!!

Thank god I gave you a zero. What kind of stupid crap is that. You are sick. I have a sense of humor, I laughed at the club a seal to death thing but this I can not tolerate. The whole thing was wrong and disturbing. You dont start a video off by showing a cat getting beat to death.

Coffee-lock responds:

I know it's fucking gross and desgusting why would someone make something so horrible, I mean it's a cartoon cat with a lock for a face and yet it was the most graphic thing I've ever seen omg I think I'm going to spew just thinking about GET ME A BUCKET SOMEONE GET ME A BUCKET OH LAWD FDGDFHDFDF GASD GSF AS FGAS FSADG FGASFGSAD F SG FGSDGFSGFGSDGF
Thanks for the review babe.