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Reviews for "LL - Ddevil"


BlitzLock here!

Go LL! Fifen!

Coffee-lock responds:

Rock on!

This flash nearly has it all!

Random nonsense? Check. Awesome choice of song? Check. Swell graphics and hilarity, and whatnot? Check.

Absolute win. ^_^

Coffee-lock responds:

Review from ClockLock? Check.

Whoops i forgot to review this earlier.

Phew. Definatly the best music video i've ever seen, i love your art and animation style, everything in this movie was just perfect. I haven't got much to say, i'm just going to watch it yet another 6 times over. Excellent work.

Coffee-lock responds:

Cheers! <4

That made me a happy little buzzard!!



it was good, but man, that was the most messed up anything i may ever see.