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Reviews for "LL - Ddevil"


omfg man, this waqs the SHIT! not only do i adore SOAD, but the figures and scenes you made fit PERFECTLY with the song...and the "Lol, penis" at the end just topped it off

Coffee-lock responds:

Cheers! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D

Very good SOAD music video

This is one of the best SOAD music videos I've seen. The imagery there is good. How you've used the lovely devil when it said that in the lyrics. That made me like the flash a lot. Also, since the music is SOAD, I'd say this flash is very good. Also, I did notice some strange things in that flash. H8 LOCKLEGION, vote 5 and lol, penis. I think I should definately vote 5 on this flash not because it said in the flash, because this flash was very good. Great work! :D

Coffee-lock responds:

Cheers and thanks for the review! :D

*sniff**sniff* You know what I smell? S@$# !!!!!!

Thank god I gave you a zero. What kind of stupid crap is that. You are sick. I have a sense of humor, I laughed at the club a seal to death thing but this I can not tolerate. The whole thing was wrong and disturbing. You dont start a video off by showing a cat getting beat to death.

Coffee-lock responds:

I know it's fucking gross and desgusting why would someone make something so horrible, I mean it's a cartoon cat with a lock for a face and yet it was the most graphic thing I've ever seen omg I think I'm going to spew just thinking about GET ME A BUCKET SOMEONE GET ME A BUCKET OH LAWD FDGDFHDFDF GASD GSF AS FGAS FSADG FGASFGSAD F SG FGSDGFSGFGSDGF
Thanks for the review babe.


Since I'm a SOAD Fan I liked this... it was. ok.... Make more with more blood.

Coffee-lock responds:

Blood orgies 4 lyfe.


Now THAT, was hot.

Coffee-lock responds: