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Reviews for "LL - Ddevil"

Great Job!

Wow! This song is awesome! The music is awesome! And the locks are awesome! Great job!


U know u guys are making it REALLY hard for me to hate u. This video is one of the best Flash music videos Ive EVER seen, maybe THE best. U guys are the shit when it comes to animation but u need to stop being Clock poseurs, u know unless the lock thing is more of a tribute to the clocks. . . . .

ANYWAYS!!! lol, Awesome video.

I <3 The Lock Legion!

I love the Lock Legion music videos, and this one is excellent. (Especially since it's S.O.A.D.! XD) I liked the Clockwork Orange things in there, too. ^_^

I liked it

Not bad, not bad at all.

I take it you've read a Clockwork Orange, then? :B

Soad > all

lmfao dude I fucking love this movie and the song. I 5'd it everyday so now I'm reviewing it. Everything was good. I like when mug was with the devil =D

<3 Shadowking Lock