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Reviews for "LL - Ddevil"

good job man

i liked it. keep it up.

Coffee-lock responds:



This movie was simply amazing with the graphics, you have outdone yourself and same goes for kiwi!
You both did a great job on this congratiolations.
Let's just hope we can score of some more members!


Coffee-lock responds:

Let us hope so.


BlitzLock here!

Go LL! Fifen!

Coffee-lock responds:

Rock on!

This is quite good...

It was nicely animated, and it had the feeling of a true System of a Down movie. It was really stylish and violent... This has to be sent into the Portal. Who knows, perhaps even frontpage?

Coffee-lock responds:

Frontpage, I wish. =(


Nice animation youve got there definetly recommended!

Coffee-lock responds:

Your recommendation gave me a boner. :(