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Reviews for "LL - Ddevil"


If it hadn't have had the subimenal messages in the Flash...then I might have given it 5.

Coffee-lock responds:


Wow another great one!

You guys seem to take pride in your music video animations. Those kind of movies are the best lock legion submissions i have seen. Everything about this was basically very well done. In my review i will briefly explain each aspect of this movie.

The graphics,to start, were great and definitely some of the best graphics from the lock legion that i have seen. The drawings were great and some of them were very detailed. I could see a lot of effort put into the backrounds too, they all created a sort of aura, and of course they were detailed. The colours were great and the smooth animation fits your animating style perfectly. Your animating style helps out both the visuals and overall style, and it was very good in this movie, though tough to explain. The feel of this movie was good, the song and your animation worked together very well. They created a twisted sort of feel. I didnt particularily like the song very much, but the way you used it just cant go unnoticed. The audio quality was clear as well to top it all off. There was a lot of violence in this and its fun to watch violence!

Overall this was very good and its definitely up there with the best Lock Legion movies ever. Please keep making the music videos, i love them! 4/5

Coffee-lock responds:

This wasn't one of the big LL Collabs, where like 8 people take part.
Just me and Kiwi.
Thank you for the long review, I love reading good reviews.
And yeah, me and Kiwi are planning on starting another Music Video pretty soon. :D

best lock vid ever!

holy crap that made up for all the crappy clock and lock vids..

Coffee-lock responds:

Yeah boy. :D


gd music! soad

Coffee-lock responds:

Thanks for the review.

Very Nice

Best LL msuic video ive seen, and it wasnt even collabed (except for kiwi i guess)

I lie how with allll this new soad stuff coming out, you gys decide to use one from the first album, which in my opinion is there only good one, i used to be a HUGE fan, then toxcity came out, and i loved it, then steal this album, hated it,and i never listened to the full mezmerize yet, but it doesnt sound bad from the few songs i did hear, but defianlty not as good as the first still.....

WELLL back to the movie, i REALLY like the starting of it, when hes just ripping her apart, and feasting on here. The song just makes you think of things like that, and just all the devil part, and all the canibalism, and just the fast paste song.

Well very good work, im looking forward to more videos from you :)

Coffee-lock responds:

Thank you, my good man. <3