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Reviews for "LL - Ddevil"

hey pretty damn good

i am not a huge lock fan, but thus was pretty sick. some of the shit didnt really fit the words in the song but they were interesting to say the least.

Coffee-lock responds:

Yeah, we tried not to follow the Lyrics to EVERY part of the song.
And hopefully you mean sick as in good. :O

This flash nearly has it all!

Random nonsense? Check. Awesome choice of song? Check. Swell graphics and hilarity, and whatnot? Check.

Absolute win. ^_^

Coffee-lock responds:

Review from ClockLock? Check.

This is Coffee my man.

Yes my love, you rock totally.

Coffee-lock responds:

Haven't seen you for awhile.
Much love for the shag of bag. <3


Weird.... It was very, very weird and unclear, I didn't like it at all.
I liked the animation and the graphics, but you had to have a story, without that it is just useless and unclear.
In general, it was a pretty lame movie with no script, but with good animation and drawings.
You are a fine animator, you just need better scripts.

Coffee-lock responds:

You're an idiot.
This is a music video, how many music videos have a script?
If anything, the lyrics are the script. Fewel.

That was fucking intense and awesome.

The song is just fucking great.(One of my fav. tracks to listen to from their S/T album)And the animation was wild and insane.Keep up the good work.

Coffee-lock responds:

Cheers, buddy. :D