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Reviews for "LL - Ddevil"


Yes. I, Samegame approve this Flash Video.

Coffee-lock responds:


Great SOAD video

Lots of great animation and disturbing imagery. Overall a great animation to a great song. There was a lot of blood and stuff, but they were locks, so I didn't take it too seriously. Well done Coffee_Lock.
You're obviously a fan of SOAD. Maybe you'd want to join the NG SOAD club. I'm not sure if I can paste URLs in the review box, so if you wanna join just go to the BBS and search for System of a Down club in the search bar down the bottom.

Coffee-lock responds:

Thanks for the review.
And thanks for the SOAD Club invite. :]

well done.

um, i voted 5 becuz the video told me to.

the devil is so love-ly. so love-ly.

btw, nice devil.

Coffee-lock responds:

Isn't subliminal messaging brilliant?

very good

i knew that was SOAD i heard very nice job thumbs up :)

Coffee-lock responds:

Wrong, it's actually Good Charlotte.

((( ODD )))

Well that was a very odd song, and animation, but it was good, i like the way you have subtitles to understand whats being said, and the way you animated things to those lyrics was cool. The music was a bit odd, but you made the animation go good with it. The detail in this is really nice, and you are good with animating violence, it was interesting...


Coffee-lock responds:

Nothing like a bit of the old Ultra-voilence.