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Reviews for "AWC: Nemesis's Theme"

GO GO....

fatser faster faster go go gooooooo, yha light speed is your thing totaly, this is one super fast well done and most realy fast songs arnt that good but yours is realy well done my friende realy well done

Final Fight Theme!!!

This is good I really have the itch to work with you. Your music, my writing, and a third party's ability to use sprites or create the actual game itself could make us legendary. I'm confident and hoping that my story ideas could make a name.

to bad

to bad talent scouts don't surf newgrounds otherwise you would go pro!!!

Oh my lord!!!

another ÜBER soundtrack.... Im just going to put this and Ghostwave on an endless loop and drown in awesomeness, try and top em once more, I DARE YOU!!1!

:3 Rawr!

yet another great song!
god....will your awesome-song making spree ever end? xD!