Reviews for "Lethal: Armed With Courage"

About that...

Paragon may be good, but this is pretty awesome!

I don't see why...

people think Paragons music is so awesome...probably a higher up though he was good, bragged about him, and the peons high voted him just to suck up to the higher up....Pathetic...Anyway, awesome job. I kinda like it better then the other version. Not sure why.

Dang man.

i don't know what the guy above me is talking about, your just as good as Paragon, maybe even better. It's kind of hard to compare music though. You to have diffrent styles of music. Well...sort of.

Great Work ;)

You make realy fantastic Music. You're not as good as Paragon but i have to say you're close to it

I wonder why you dont have any Platinum Tracks