Reviews for "Sasha Marie"


This is quite easily one of my favourite pieces ever on the audio portal, it's sublime. The subtle philosophical comparisons of Sasha Maria to modern western society certainly does not fall on deaf ears, nor does the breakdown where Sasha Marie is endlessly calling for help, perhaps looking up at the dark night sky and letting out a pitiful cry, "Who, who can bring me more food?"

Who indeed.


Amazing D:

This is simply a beautiful song, the lyrics repeat their selves over and over. The beat is pretty damn amazing as well, nice that you made a song dedicated to fat cats everywhere in the world as well, I loved this quite a shitload. Nice job on this piece of music, looking forward to hearing more from you. Awesome. =^__^=m

Also I lol at the part where you say MEOW.


(title in work)

I've never heard of someone making a parody of a song such as raver's fantasy. I have to admit this song grew on me. The lyrics were pretty funny, though I didn't like the echo effect in the second half of this song. Overall, a funny track.


This song was hilarious and awesome. Its made of win! :D

everyone needs to hear this song

my ears exploded from the beautifulness!!