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Reviews for "Unconventional Still Life"

Three things an American can't live without?

I think they 'are' just stuff lying around. As an American, I hate pictures, I stopped paying for games since good game companies sold their souls and became greedy. If they come out with another PSP or DS...

Anyhow, nice skills with shading etc. I don't think still life necessarily needs meaning, but it would be interesting if the objects had some relation to one another. Something classic as flowers to a vase or fruits to a bowl etc etc. Maybe even something a bit more extract as.. mm.. pills, eyeglasses, glass of water, inhaler etc on a simple nightstand? Showing one's dependency on mere objects just to extend their life, even only for a day.

i believe i have that camera :O

if its true thats my camera, it needs some work, kinda round :P

good art but

i relly dont see the point in this