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Reviews for "Unconventional Still Life"

Three things an American can't live without?

I think they 'are' just stuff lying around. As an American, I hate pictures, I stopped paying for games since good game companies sold their souls and became greedy. If they come out with another PSP or DS...

Anyhow, nice skills with shading etc. I don't think still life necessarily needs meaning, but it would be interesting if the objects had some relation to one another. Something classic as flowers to a vase or fruits to a bowl etc etc. Maybe even something a bit more extract as.. mm.. pills, eyeglasses, glass of water, inhaler etc on a simple nightstand? Showing one's dependency on mere objects just to extend their life, even only for a day.

3 things an American can't Live without.

Salt, because we're all fat. Wii remote, because how else are we going to play Nintendo's greatest invention. Camera, because we have to relive our miserable lives over and over. Otherwise I think it's more than "Just some stuff lying around." I think it symbolizes America's materialistic behaviors. A-frickin'-mazing. Can you say my new idol?

Its very nice.

Truly artistic.


This is a great peice of work and i give you 10 out of ten btw LandoLC there is a point of this its a peice of still life a kind of art you know that dont you and I thought you were smart with art and you don't get the point of still life

i believe i have that camera :O

if its true thats my camera, it needs some work, kinda round :P