Reviews for "homework is fun"

Haha nice job man!

LOL nice work on this indeed. It was a funny little animation, it seems this is a side project by you, either way i loved it and i will explain why in small detail in my review.

The graphics were great, i really loved your animating style. Its refined but sort of funny all the same. The colour were very nice, they were pleasant to look at and added a little feel to the whole movie. The backrounds were great as well, they were detailed to an extent. The animation was also pretty good, it was smooth. Your style in this movie was great too, you did great in making this very amusing. The feel to this was pretty funny, although hard to explain. The idea is funny, creative, and original. The sound was also great and again for more than one reason, but the most important of these reasons is the voice acting. It was awesome, i loved the expression and characterization in the voices. The sound effects were great too, and some of them were funny. I would have chosen different music though, the stuff you chose just isnt my style. To top everything off you got a great sense of humour that definitely hasnt gone unnoticed by the people who have watched this movie. I laughed out loud at some parts but my favourite part was "Hi Shoey the fuckin shoe" That hit me as hilarious!

Overall this was great, and if this was a side project wow! If this was a real project then wow! anyways. I hope you can continue to get better as you continue to make flash. Keep it up man! 4/5

points for originality

Short, sweet and to the point. Bonus points for originality. I gave you a 5. Hope to see more from you soon.


Great animation, very funny, and a nice idea too. Other than the fact that the little girl sounds like Molly the cross dresser, who hangs around my local shopping complex, the voice acting was very well done as well.

Well thanks alot!

Now I'm gunna have dreams about talking shoes and Homework! Thanks alot! The animation was okay, aswell as the style, but what kinda script is that!?

The one you worship
The All Seeing Eye

Not bad

I liked the animation. The humor wasn't that bad. Overall, I enjoyed it. It's one of the best ones I've seen today. Keep up the good work!