Reviews for "homework is fun"

homework is never fun and dont try to make it that

the idea is corrupted i hated the fact that they used math homework as the evil paper. math is fun why destroy it!


homework is fun yes,but you did it in a weird way



Yeah, um, swearing is cool!

try harder next time.

high and low

talented artist. the graphics were great, the sound was excellent everything was synchronized and smooth flowing and just superb skill level was evident in every aspect of this flash other than the writing.

gratuitious swearing has never appealed to me. that's just me however, and that's just the writing. every other aspect of this film is in the stratosphere, and head and shoulders above most entries in talent. Lose the puerile dialogue, it might appeal to the masses but your skill and creativity demand better

I thought this stunk

I don't know about all you people who thought this was funny, but I thought it was #$%&-ing stupid. A kid says homework sucks, a shoe brings it to life and he stabs it. Then he's kicked in the head. The fact that some people actually liked this just shows how stupid people can be. GO MAKE SOMETHING FUNNY NEXT TIME!!!!