Reviews for "homework is fun"


That was fuckin funny lol. And whats with you fuckers giving flashes straight 10s.. Jeez the artist wants you to review the movie not plaster it with 10s. THERE WAS NO INTERACTIVITY! SO DONT GIVE IT A 10!..

High quality kick in the face

Boot strap bill is pretty kick ass. The animation was well made, and it's pretty funny!



Fair to partly-funny

The style and sense of humor kinda remind me of Space Tree. Not bad. Not great, but not bad. I can't really think of what to do differently, since it's one of those "I'm not really trying and that's what makes it funny"-style cartoons. Keep it up, I guess.

Fuckin Funny

That was fuckin funny. Next time you should make one where a shoe beats the shit out of nerds for "liking homework". lmao