Reviews for "homework is fun"

Dog ate mine

Who cares if homework IS boring, she's got a TALKING SHOE! Totally awesome! Imagine the possibilities. Like maybe talking panties?
I like the violence level - not too excessive, just right.
So, ya gonna' turn in that homework with BLOOD on it?

Hahaha! Yay!

That was hilarious. XD Good animation. Nothing spectacular, but consistant, fluid, and clean.

The ending made me laugh!

its about homwork

its funny but i wouldnt watch it agn well maby if u paid me to watch it agn $$$

Pretty fuckin great!

The concept was way out there and I love that, the shoe actors voice was fairly annoying, and I wish you had used more lingo, harsher words and action. Well done.


That was pretty fun, altough I still disagree with the shoe: homework isn't fun at all :( (unless you get to make a video for an art prject where you get to smash a classroom :))