Reviews for "homework is fun"


well i still dont think homework is fun but tht was bloody funny


It was a refreshingly funny flash. The concept was alittle weird, but hell it worked didn't it? My only question was is bagel a chick? The name implies it along with the hair but she sounds like she hit puberty of the wrong gender.

Fun homework?

If only it could be true. This was great. 1 problem is that fuck wasn't really needed to make it funny, But whetever.

lol...talking shoes...priceless

Good, but you could'v come up with something way better instead of saying fuck over and over. maybe like "carpet munching ass fairy" or something? i dunno.

Shoey the Fucking Shoe

The selection which I have just selected was short, but quickly got to the point...or what could have been a point. I thought it was funny, and that's really all that matters.