Reviews for "homework is fun"

Pretty Good

Yeah, i'd have to say that this video is entertaining. Good graphics, and the style is unique. I mean, its a kid, doing homework, then he kills the homework! Its funny, in a weird sort of way...Maybee im just twisted. I dunno, but anyways, overall its all good =)


rofl, lol, lmao, etc. etc. that was hilarious


homework is fun

Homework is fun to people in many ways.stoners like homework because it's something to roll up their dope,for nerds it is to be smart, obviously you like to stab it with pencils until it bleeds

good job

Very nice.

Well animated, funny, and original. Only improvement room would be some more shading and shadowing on characters, and it could use a little music in the background. Great work, keep it up.


haha omfg that was so grt i loved it it was sooooooooooooooo my kinda stuff i call fun