Reviews for "homework is fun"


i wish my homework would be that fun! :)


pretty funny...homework has blood?!

Fair to partly-funny

The style and sense of humor kinda remind me of Space Tree. Not bad. Not great, but not bad. I can't really think of what to do differently, since it's one of those "I'm not really trying and that's what makes it funny"-style cartoons. Keep it up, I guess.


HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! man u gotta make sum more movies cuz that was the best one ive seen in a while HAHAHAHAHAHA

I watched it 3 times, funny...

I'm writing long reviews, since I got banned from the BBS for that "none" this, dammit, I really should've read the rules someday...Anyway.

I liked the story.... Short and funny. The sound was very good. The detail was fine, but could use some more of it. I gave it 5 (Like it will change anything :P).

Anywayz, keep it up.!!!

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