Reviews for "homework is fun"

I like my flash like I like my sex

Short. Sweet. Simple.


Kind of..awkward when its over.

Then you forget it even happened.

awesome man!

man that was freaking funny... i havent laughed this much with an animation since the decline of videogaming.. keep up the good work, with stuff like this you'll be getting more good reviews and grades. THanks for those 2 minutes of great fun.


Quite interesting! Homework is fun...yeah, right! I liked the shoe though, or...Shoey the F***ing Shoe as he's called or whatnot. Anyway, good stuff


I love it. I'm definitely adding this one to my favorites. Shoey doesn't seem very persuasive though that homework isn't boring. Unless he kicks you.

Shoey the Fucking Shoe

Oh Daisys! You're the Spacetree guy!

Don't worry, *whisper* your secret is safe with me *end whisper*.