Reviews for "homework is fun"

heh heh heh heh

lol...good stuff yo. great voice acting. it's rare to find such quality work on ng these days. it's a shame there aren't more fucking shoes......laterz

it was ok

it was too short, but still a little funny. And what was with that kids hat?

Heh, that was good.

The animation and voices remind me of the Space Tree animations on Keenspot. So either you're a goddamn thief *shakes fist*, or you have time to try new things *applauds*.

Either one's good. Bravo!

thats cool

that was funny, the homework has a cool vioce

So random!

I knew those characters looked familiar… then it hit me. It probably would have came to me sooner if I wasn't so high. Now I feel like cracked the old GameCube back out. Anyway, nice flash!