Reviews for "homework is fun"


lol imma start doing my homework from now on. dont want a boot to the face >_>


Great animation, very funny, and a nice idea too. Other than the fact that the little girl sounds like Molly the cross dresser, who hangs around my local shopping complex, the voice acting was very well done as well.

Hahaha, awesome.

I loved it, really smooth animation aswell. Great job.


shoey the fucking shoe omg that was focking halarious and i acidently had it on load which made it ten times as funny


Will..It was alright , kind of stupid humor i guess.
As the movie Progresses it gets funnier.
The flash is not as well detailed as it could be but, You could tell that the author put Some time into it.
Not as smooth as it could get but alright
I give it ****/***** Stars, Nice work bud.

" Mr. T. Pitty da fool"