Reviews for "homework is fun"


That was fuckin funny lol. And whats with you fuckers giving flashes straight 10s.. Jeez the artist wants you to review the movie not plaster it with 10s. THERE WAS NO INTERACTIVITY! SO DONT GIVE IT A 10!..

Oooooh, right in the denominators

That was damn good, keep up the good work my man.

P.S. Shoey The Fucking Shoe is a great character name

You sir, are the man.

Make more, and nextime make him be in a squad with other random things that teach everyday values. Hilarious.


I love this flash, it's great. And for those reading my review before looking at it, stop now and look at it!

Love your work!

The second I heard the voices, I knew it was you. SPace Tree The Space Tree in Space is my favorite cartoon series ever, you rock dude. This one was great too.