Reviews for "homework is fun"

Wow, crap again

After watching watermelon head I thought maybe I'd redeem the image of the author by watching some stuff he had done previously. Fucking crap.

You. are. not. funny. at. all.

The graphics are good though

Ween FTW!

Not only do you make awesome cartoons... but you often use Ween in them! I worship Boognish!

If you can make an animation for Mourning Glory, I'd bow to you, sir... but for now, I shall at least tip my hat.

(The hat is a Boognish beanie.)

Anyway, this, as with all of them, is brilliant comedy... and I'm not going to quote my favourite line because it ruins it for anyone who hasn't seen it and reads this first.

Hehe classic

Hahaha that was seriously funny!
Shoey the fuckin' shoe haha
Kinda random but that's what made it awesome!!

A fucking funny flash

Fuck, this was fucking good. I had a fucking good time fucking watching this fucking flash. Fuck.

Bit Crude

So Why is homework fun exactly? Killing Homework is fun, but why is homework fun...? Hmmm... That is the question