Reviews for "Flash HELP!"

Well done!

You did a good job with everything! I think this will help alot of people!

Nice layout and stuff!

Yeah, looks great, has somen nice subjects in it.. mmm.. well, nice tutorial :)


Finally a tutorial on Newgrounds that's appealing

Nice visuals, nice (and rther calm sounding) music in the background, point by point tips, examples. This is really good. What could have made it even better, is if you took it to another level and did a step by step instruction, demonstrating each point, like showing the person how to apply sound. Grant it, that's A LOT of work, but in this day and age when people want to see how to do things instead of reading up on it, it'll be a god send.

Looked good...

but.. eh it wasn't... It is excellent for those just starting out, but the expert section should have expert material... not to be cocky but... you worked for five days on that...fiiiivvveee dayyyysssssss time already feels sloooww... blleeehhhhhhhh


For newbies like me is this very helpfull(only the shadows ^^)!!!!
Make more of this and you got a daily place!!!
Nice one