Reviews for "Flash HELP!"

pretty good

good tutorial and music


the game part of the tutorial was the first game tutorial that actually worked. you're the best :-)! thank you for the very good tutorial. i liked the music very much.

not that helpful

it helps if u have an animation in it and some gd music. that music just like anoyed me. and i got bored coz there was no animating so i just stoped watching it.

i loved it

i loved the music, and design of the tutorial, great job covering some things people don't know such as the easy fireworks program just about everyone with flash has! thanks for pointing out the blur in fireworks, i forgot it was there! (now i don't have to install photoshop just for one movie).

I beta tested!

Told you the right-click tutorial and music would help! lol! GREAT WORK! I hope I'll be that good someday...