Reviews for "Flash HELP!"


A very well made tutorial. Very detailed and well made. This better not get blammed. Alot of effort was put into this, I can tell. Good job. One of the very best tutorials I've seen so far.

One of the best tutorials I've seen yet.

You obviously put a lot of effort into this tutorial and made easy for anyone to understand and learn from. Great work!

Good job! only one problem

I didn't seem to find a button that takes you to the main menu after the tutorial was finished, is it just me?

starBlinky responds:

There is a Menu button in between the two arrows that navigate your pages.

Good job

I voted 5 because A) Unlike other tutorials, you didn't start off thinking you were superior and ended up looking stupid (even though you didn't look stupid at all) and B) it was actually a good, in depth tutorial. Also I LOVED the background music....sooooo soothing. It is great for someone who is about to lose patience with flash!

FIVE DAYS!!!!!!!

this was very educational i voted you five by the way...
nicely well done!
i dont have flash yet :(
i dont have a credit card so i cant buy one online
and i havent seen any in stores!
now theres something you can help me with...
ps HELP*