Reviews for "Flash HELP!"

Good tutorial!

Very good!

im afraid im not impressed

the artwork was amasing, and good sound, your entire expert session want even that advanced, it was all begenners stuff, and i think you should stick with drawing and your a way better drawer then flas programmer(although im checking out your other flashes so you might prove me wrong). although this really got by based on looks. but still better than alot

Thanx for making this

I learned from this. I am starting to learn flash. This was pretty well made and informative. I gave it a 5/5.

Good job!

This is one of the better tutorials I have come across at NG
Job well done.

Looked good.

It looked alright and everything, but it didi not cover much, mostly just when slgithly into things. For advanced motion tween you could have when into moving joints and motion guids. Something more at least. And what was the point of showing people how to blur in Fireworks? isn't it a flash tutorial.