Reviews for "A N.O.B.M. (Elektro Mix)"

Good remix

i think its also called "In the Hall of The Mountain King" but yaeh, its great

djInTheDark responds:

I was wondering about that, if it had another name.

Ill add that to the discription.

Thanks a bunch!!!! ^_^


Best remix I have ever heard of this song (though I have only heard a few).

djInTheDark responds:

Like I said to Mad Fiddler, I've only heard one so, you've heard more than I have. But your probably right, there probably is some unsung remix that barely anyone's heard that is probably pretty good... probably =).

Glad you enjoy it!
DJ InTheDark

great song

it is the best song ever

djInTheDark responds:

I aim to please!

DJ InTheDark


I like idea!!!! Good construction <no criticize> , good sounds and nice melody ;D

F&<% YA!!!

"In the hall of the mountain king" is one my all time favorite songs, and you sir have made it your own... BRAVO!!