Reviews for "QuaRkZ"


Hahah That was a veryyyyy great game. I've never played a NG game that actually made me give the computer opponent the finger right before dancing to my victory. Good Work ;)

great game

yeah mate that was a great game nicely balanced made me think quite a bit... would be good to be able to play it with some one as the A.I is very easy to beat after 10 mins of play figured out how to beat it on hard and all maps. due to the enemies limitations. still very good, if u were to do a sequel i would imagine making the ai a little less predictable.


a quite original logic game, I must say. surely it would be better against a human, but it can still keep you in front of your computer for an hour or two.
had absolutely no problems with, except that the main menu music could've been of slightly higher quality... but it doesn't really matter. great game, definitely worth to be on the front page.

Simply the best puzzle game ever

This truly impressed me,for I never expected such perfection of a flash game.your idea is truly outstanding,and the way you put it is even better.I could have fun with this for months!God bless you that you made this freeware.you have my sincere congratulations!


This game is really fun. I love the little guys you play. This game is so addictive. You need to make more where you can pick your guy and so on. That would make it more fun. But other than that this game rocks the socks.