Reviews for "QuaRkZ"


Auesome game, good principal, good setups, good everything.

No critasism whatsoever.
Keep up the good work!


this is awsome but i fuckin suck at it


This game is amazing, and slightly addicting. The only flaw is that it becomes a little too easy once you figure out how the computer plays, even on hard. I can't wait to play against friends. I love all the shit that comes out of mindistortion.net

Fuckin long game

Well. I must say this game Own. I played human vs human with my pal have been playing one single game for 20 minutes long. Good graphics. Good sounds. Great Game

I love it

It's addictive. It makes me think. I can play for hours. BUT, make the AI smarter. Last game I played, whooped on Hard 31 to 4. Anyway, very nice job. I love it.