Reviews for "QuaRkZ"


Ignore Vegeta he doesn't know what he is talking about. This game owns and dserves to be on the front page. He just gave u a bad review because he was too stupit to even look and click the instructions button. This game has no glitches or problems, and it's very fun to play. YAY!! ^-^

this is an awsome game you have to try it

play this game now!

One of the best artists on the site.

This guy can do anything. It's rare that someone can make such ass-kicking games, write such crazy, engrossing stories and create such amazing art. This guy is the real deal If you haven't already, check out his flash "Escapism". It's one of the best offerings on the site. Can't say enough good about this guy. Great job!

HeRetiK responds:

This being said from someone who is so good at flash himself means a lot to me. thanks.

pure genius

that game is so addictive


this is the first game that i need to use my brain that i like!!!!
it's a little easy i can kill hard whitout a problem but is great