Reviews for "QuaRkZ"


This game is AWESOME! I love teh winning music, teh gameplay! everything

awesome puzzle very original

very cool game, and to be honest, you were very original, freat work!!
keep the good work flash artist
the explosions are very cool!!

really nice game

one of the better games ive played :)

one of the good ones

greeeeeeeeeeeeeeat game lots of depth and stuff bneed to thin quite a lot to win so it ruuuuls

I like the basic rules of this game.

how I played this

Played many different gametypes... far from every possible combination though.

Not played in 2p.

some selected aspects

++++ I like the basic rules of play, with the forward-planning necessary when combos come into play. Simple enough to pick up with a good amount of strategic depth.

- A bunch of the options we can select seem kinda broken. (10 pts on a large grid?)

-- I'd have really liked to see a smaller selection of levels suggested by you. Maybe you could have recommended 3-5 different setups, with an option to choose a custom setup if we so desired.

+ Good options


It's a game I enjoyed playing, but I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by the number of options we are forced to choose when playing a game.