Reviews for "QuaRkZ"

Good, but way too easy

I've played dozens of times now, on "hard" mode, and I can't find a way to lose. Is it possible to lose? It seems like the opponent does everything in his power to help me win. I've tried lots of different strategies and every single one wins. I haven't lost once. HOW DO YOU LOSE? Please make an opponent with some kind of AI that actually tries to fight back. If you don't want to, I will! I don't know flash, but I can do a Java version with better AI, if you don't mind...


im going to PISS on that red one, it really makes me angry. i suck at this game but it was really fun/entertaining none the less. well deserved 10.

An excellent game.

There's a trick to this game. Try to get the odd numbers on your particles and you'll come out on top each time!

that was fun

it kicked ass


awesome game- great graphics, good sound, and the play was really creative. it was easy to pick up, but challenging at higher levels. good choice w/ the daft punk at the end.