Reviews for "QuaRkZ"

Geat but WRONG

I know this is just a game but Quarks can't do that and son't like have like wants, they don't fight over control, there is a harmonic control! They wqant more of the other if anything.............. *ramblings*

BUT great game!!

Great job! Fab Idea!

This is a really great submission. I love the style of it, with the music, and the game idea is fantastic also, very wel portrayed. Great job again!

Very addicting.

This is a very fun and addicting game. It loses the addicting feel once you start to read the computer's next move.


good but got boring quick but liked the fact that it was 2 player if u were sad enough to invite someone round to play it ...

NIce little game

Good game, teaches people stuff about sgtrategy and science