Reviews for "QuaRkZ"

More addictive than heroin flavoured pringles.

I spent an hour playing this, on one level. Great game. Graphics were well drawn, cool winning music, stylish. Overall Excellent job.

Review #6


this is a great idea, very original, fun, and addictive

Soooo Addicting!

Can't. . . .stop. . . . .playing. . . . GAHHH!

Fucking Hell

Man Fucking Hell That Is One Addictive Game! Its Soooo Great!
Where the hell did you come up with an idea like this!? Its really great hell if i where you id try and get something like Nintendo to make it into a game....but im not.

Great fucking game!

Like the review i saw

A really fab idea i like how this is set up very fun but... kinda un challenging i found it to be easy even on hard.. and maybe have level? but this is very fun and hope ! hope to have another so Great job ! O.o