Reviews for "QuaRkZ"


i give it a zero because you didn't explain how to win so i just got frustrated when it said "player one wins" and i didn't even know why so i stoped playing. put the victory conditions in the instructions please.


that was a truly great game, well thought out and didn't get boring, w00000


This game is amazing, and slightly addicting. The only flaw is that it becomes a little too easy once you figure out how the computer plays, even on hard. I can't wait to play against friends. I love all the shit that comes out of mindistortion.net


this is such an amazing game if i were still in school this would have helped me threw computer class for at least a week

Best Game Ever Created for Newgrounds!

This is a very well done game, so good, it's THE BEST game on newgrounds.

tip:look for nuclear chain reactions, they can make you win or lose the game!