Reviews for "QuaRkZ"

You got my 5

I Loved this game, you need to know how to play and have patience to read the instructions and the way you want your game to win ¬¬, The Game is quite easy but you need to think to win, You got a 5 from me

all 10's 4 u

yeah good job. pretty addicting game. fun. thats all that matters


Ignore Vegeta he doesn't know what he is talking about. This game owns and dserves to be on the front page. He just gave u a bad review because he was too stupit to even look and click the instructions button. This game has no glitches or problems, and it's very fun to play. YAY!! ^-^

Very well made

Great game concept, it's original without being too complex which is an achievement to be sure. I'm not big on these kinds of puzzle game but the idea of competition and the tactical style gameplay (mainly through the chain reaction aspect) have now got me hooked.

Visually it's nice and crisp, simple and effective, i like the animations of the little particles in the boxes. It's also a nice touch that the quarks follow your mouse pointer.

The sound is good, the music loops a lot but its not annoying, which again is an achievement (but i guess you can't go wrong with music from fight club). The victory music is ace as well, makes you even more glad you won :D

To improve, there's not much you can do to the gameplay itself IMO. You may want to tart up the visuals and make it feel a bit more polished ( this IS a site for animation too ;) ) but apart from that this is a solid game. Good Job!

vegetaownsyou you idiot

it did tell u the victory conditions. this game was awsom and the lil dudes look cool pretty sleek too