Reviews for "QuaRkZ"


good game but may be somewhat harder, after a few games I was already beating the computer on hard.


Ya, this is now my favorite game on Newgrounds. Just to cool.

Deep man, Deep

well not really...it's pretty easy to figure out, but that's not to say you can win EVERY time. you can still get stomped by the computer. but anyway, onto my review...this is one kick ass addictive game, my favorite is playing on blank map with 100 point goal. it takes a while and i like that...anyway man kudos to you for this awesome game, keep up the good work

great game

yeah mate that was a great game nicely balanced made me think quite a bit... would be good to be able to play it with some one as the A.I is very easy to beat after 10 mins of play figured out how to beat it on hard and all maps. due to the enemies limitations. still very good, if u were to do a sequel i would imagine making the ai a little less predictable.


once u get the hang of this thing its the best but the music get's a little annoying after a while