Reviews for "QuaRkZ"


i didnt think the game was that fun but u did a very good job on this :)

Good game

I just love this game!!Me and my friend played it for hours ;D

Can it be downloaded anywhere??

One of the best puzzle games ive played

I love this game, it combines domination with minesweep. Im a big fan of puzzle games and this is one of the best ize played. I think it would be interesting if you made a series about the QuaRkZ like a Spy VS Spy sort of thing. Keep up the good work.

Mine Sweeper!

it was the first thing that came to my mind when i played.

Anyway, it is pretty cool. To me it was hard at first, until I realised how the AI reacts to things.

Graphics: 7. Pretty good, especially considering some of the crap i usually see.
Style: 8. Cool remake of mine sweeper and nice extra's. Really neat.
Sound: 9. Loved the victory sound.
Violence: was there any?
Interactivity: 10. No bugs, you could do what you had to do, and that's all that was needed, so it's a 10.
Humor: unless if you count the peace sign the Quark gives when he wins, there was none.

Great Job!

Recommended to play by Iv Inc.

Too Easy

The computer isn't that smart. Very well done yet a little easy