Reviews for "QuaRkZ"

Blue, BLUE, BLUE!!!!

im sorry for the low mark, but blue, seriously, i hate blue, in fact i would have given you an 8 but i had to be blue. cant we just pick our color, its not hard. raating:1/5, this makes poop look good.
Unrelated proverb: Cats are cuter than dogs, dont you think otherwise

Fun yet repetetive

its pretty fun the first 2 or 3 trys but after that it gets really boring try adding something to spice it up maybe 4 players at once

Not good but not bad either

if you notice player 2 always has the advantage on player 1 because player one has to start it out while player 2 can just wait for him to mess up. It needs to be a bit more fair... think about it.

Not bad... but.

Not a bad game, but only having one map loses you marks. It gets too repetetive. Also, to those of you saying the AI is too good, wtf is wrong with you? It's really easy to beat.


Not to good, very boring. Repetetive, and after some practice can beat hard ai easily if you dont give him easy reactions. human vs human basic. played much better games in this genre.