Reviews for "QuaRkZ"


This game is AWSOME! I really like it! Its challenging but also a lot of fun. I also like the song when someone wins

Good Job

Cool game, Nice time-waster. For once i actually had to use my brain :|. Nice Job.

Loved it

I thought that was a cool little game, could do with being made a bit more challenging though I think. I love Robot Rock by Daft Punk that song kicks arse.
Laters. Josh.

excellent game, and the victory music KICKS ASS

i found it easy to beat after about 2 trys, nice inventive game, could get very addictive, awsome game, ikept wanting to play just to hear the victory music, absoltly teh awsemo!

very good

very good but i know how to beat it in two turns
go to the arrows on the left an right, make it a score of under like 100 now press one of the 7 ones around the middle he will git it making mfany others ready to die press one and wala you win lol