Reviews for "QuaRkZ"

Pretty fun, a bit confusing at times, though.

I thoroughly enjoy out smarting machines. :P

I didn't care for this game at first, mostly because I did not understand it. Even the instructions seemed too long. I am glad I managed to get this game figured out mostly on my own. It really is surprisingly fun when you get used to it. I just think the sound effects are really cool. You just don't know when you're going to get something that plays for you or against you.

It's even fun to see the guys float around everywhere. The music also appears to be quite ambitious. I don't know that much about quarks. It is interesting to play a game that has something to do with science. You always do have a variety of submissions.

Boring. I like the idea but it's executed poorly. If you press the box that starts with 4, your opponent will choose it to explode next turn, this turns the 7 into an 8, so on your next turn you change all of them to your color, winning easily.

I fell asleep after a few games.

game of skill... no wait luck

it seems that the power shift happens more times then not in the computers favor.